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Yet again we have a weekly workout here to help you get an idea on what to train and how to train it. Whether you’re looking for a whole workout idea or just want some insight on a couple exercises you haven’t seen before we’re here to lend as much a helping hand as we can.


So on wit the video, the persistent pecs workout is a quick trick to workout your chest with as little hassle as possible. All it contain is three straight forward exercises which are; flat bench press, dumbell flyes and close grip press. Now that doesn’t appear much of a workout at all but with the right weight and the correct repetitions you’re targeting your chest (aka your pectorals) directly and trust me you’ll feel it in the morning.

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Weekly Workout - The Watch The Clock One

Ever wondered what happens when you’re under pressure in a workout? The time is counting down and you have repetitions to get done pronto. You’re body goes into a short state of over exhaustion pushing you past your limits for a short time. But is that really your limit?
In short, no. But let me explain. When you’re tired, breathing heavy and distracted from most of the world around you your mind forgets it’s insecurities and unleashes a little of that higher potential we all have. Because in calmer situations you battle with what you perceive as your limit you can’t break through it as easily. So when you do a workout like this where there’s tiredness and a time limit you get a lot of negative thoughts and the feeling to stop but you will have the ability to push through that threshold you feel is holding you back without realising because it’s not what you’re focusing on!
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Weekly Workout - The Leg Power Workout

Strength and Power are two different things, though they have similarities they have a distinct change between them. Strength is the amount of force you’re able to put through something at a given time while power is more interesting.

While power does require strength to do, the difference is it’s the ability of producing force as fast as possible. So think about your squats for a moment. The technique is quite smooth however you are very slow and exerting a lot of effort to move the weight from the bottom of the movement to the top. So from an increase of power you would lift at a faster rate while maintaining less effort and exertion.

Sounds weird right? The trick of it all is finding a rhythm to a set and pushing the movement at pace allows a small amount of energy to be reserved in comparison to very slow repetitions. That doesn’t allow you to burst out so fast you’re jolting yourself but a bit faster and therefore smoother than if you we’re struggling with a weight at a slower pace.

Weekly Workout - The Superset Survival One

Who said quick meant easy, no one! With 4 exercise in two supersets with a nice balance between good form and getting the reps out you’ve got yourself a challenge you didn’t know existed.

Not just that, workouts aren’t all about pull this and push that. Rotations, Supinations and Adductions are just the beginning.

All of us here at GymFit are here to support people with an interest in a healthy lifestyle and give you the insight to move forward with it and one of our class instructors Cherese is no exception. It takes alot to demonstrate and teach others to do better so we always give credit where it’s due to our staff who are always their to lend a helping hand!
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The Legs Will Shake One - Weekly Workout 2

And just like that their were two. This is Cherese, she’s a fully qualified personal trainer and fitness instructor who has a taste for the cruel side of training. We’ve seen her demonstrate epic feats of fitness with her own training and now she’d love to share some ideas with you!

Dont’ forget if you have any questions all of our fitness family are happy to point you in the right direction to the best of their ability.

So come on get involved, try your best and share your opinion. After all were here to work as a team. #TeamGymFit