The Keep Pushing One - Weekly Workout

Every week we workout. Weekly. Because it’s the weekly workout. Hey I just got that! This week we’re going full throttle, working our way towards Christmas. So with the countdown in mind lets get a workout done one by one before the Christmas season takes over. T-minus get those reps in.

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VLOG 6 - Back Together Again

After 2 LONG YEARS AWAY, James & Tommy are BACK TOGETHER for another episode of;
“Yeah I reckon we can give that a good go like”
Feast your eyes, ears, and nose 🤦🏻‍♂ on this as we tackle a variety of COUPLE WORKOUTS suggested by you over the last year or so!
Instagram fitness couple models eat your hearts out, Jimmy Vegan & THF are here to show you how it’s done (maybe)…

VLOG 5 - The Prowler, Self Powered Soreness!

Some of the machines you’ll find in a gym are completely alien to the basics most will know. Bench press is nice and simple but when a rotational grip appears it’s like being introduced to fire for the first time! So this week we’re cracking down on the infamous HIIT MILL which goes by many names.

Don’t let it’s sleek design fool you, this piece of kit can be the part of your workout you’ve been missing, if that part was to be so sore you’ll have nightmares of it after you’ve used it. We’re exaggerating of course it’s just a tough item you’ll want in your arsenal, trust me. Check us out every week on Facebook, YouTube or Instagram for the latest content and articles giving you some better insight into the gym life. #TeamGymFit

The Shock To The System One - Weekly Workout

Give yourself an idea of what you want to train or use a weekly workout to learn a few new exercises it’s up to you!

So here it goes:

50 squats

60secs assault bike

40 squats

60secs rowing

30 squats

60secs ski-erg

20 squats

60secs prowler

And finally

10 squats.

That sounds like it’ll keep you busy for the day right?


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The Many 7's One - Weekly Workout

This week is a good one! Our instructor has lost the plot is bringing you a workout that includes 7 rounds of everything 7 reps. So go through every exercise one by one with no rest. Yes you heard that right, then give yourself 60 seconds rest and go for round 2,3,4! Give it a go and do it at your own pace, you could even time it. So next time when you’re so looking forward too it… you can try and beat your time.


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The Comeback One - Weekly Workout

Two weeks away and Callum has returned with some serious determination! Constantly pushing himself all while throwing banter between every exercise. How do you catch your breath and make jokes at the same time!? Anyway this week he’s demonstrating a circuit that will keep you busy and warm you up while the nights are getting colder so get yourself in the gym and get something done!

Weekly Workout - The Upper Body Blast One

G has had reconstructive surgery on her knee and still somehow managed to train after!? Or maybe this was pre recorded. Either way we’ve got motivation by the bucket loads as Georgia trained most days up until her procedure and is recovering day by day to get back in the gym and get straight back too it!
If that isn’t good motivation for the day I don’t know what is. #TeamGymFit

Weekly Workout 10/10/18

Have you ever wanted your legs to feel on fire? Me niether but every now and then a session that needs the legs, lungs and attitude to get through it is required! Stuck on ideas to train? Train legs and you’ll be stuck on the floor after this session.


Sometimes a hard session is called for, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it! The point is to enjoy training but also to work your way to something that challenges you, so why not take your time with this workout then on your second try go for time. It’s a small progression but a huge step up to give you comfort in what you’re doing when you get worried. #TeamGymFit