Weekly Workout - The Simple Circuit One

Yep. 100 skips, 20 dumbell squat press, 20 toe touches and 10 burpees and that’s it. Granted you’re going to need a little effort to get through 3 rounds of it but trust me you’ll be done in no time!


You’re saving yourself tons of time and effort with these kinds of workouts since they have minimum equipment required and abit of rhythm, maybe some music. After all how much easier is a session when there’s a song playing to train in time too? Tons! The answer is tons easier trust me.

Weekly Workout - The Upper Body Blast One

G has had reconstructive surgery on her knee and still somehow managed to train after!? Or maybe this was pre recorded. Either way we’ve got motivation by the bucket loads as Georgia trained most days up until her procedure and is recovering day by day to get back in the gym and get straight back too it!
If that isn’t good motivation for the day I don’t know what is. #TeamGymFit

Weekly Workout 10/10/18

Have you ever wanted your legs to feel on fire? Me niether but every now and then a session that needs the legs, lungs and attitude to get through it is required! Stuck on ideas to train? Train legs and you’ll be stuck on the floor after this session.


Sometimes a hard session is called for, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it! The point is to enjoy training but also to work your way to something that challenges you, so why not take your time with this workout then on your second try go for time. It’s a small progression but a huge step up to give you comfort in what you’re doing when you get worried. #TeamGymFit

Squat Are You Waiting For - Squat Tips

Posture, position, person! Get out of those unwanted habits that are affecting your squat. Today we’re covering some of the fundamentals that make up the way you squat and then will find out what part of those you’re struggling with.
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Weekly Workout - The Watch The Clock One

Ever wondered what happens when you’re under pressure in a workout? The time is counting down and you have repetitions to get done pronto. You’re body goes into a short state of over exhaustion pushing you past your limits for a short time. But is that really your limit?
In short, no. But let me explain. When you’re tired, breathing heavy and distracted from most of the world around you your mind forgets it’s insecurities and unleashes a little of that higher potential we all have. Because in calmer situations you battle with what you perceive as your limit you can’t break through it as easily. So when you do a workout like this where there’s tiredness and a time limit you get a lot of negative thoughts and the feeling to stop but you will have the ability to push through that threshold you feel is holding you back without realising because it’s not what you’re focusing on!
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Weekly Workout - The Sweaty One

Yes this week we’ve plucked one of our very own styled workouts from our 6 week shred programme. You’ll be tired, you’ll have enjoyed yourself but most importantly you’ll be sweaty. Speaking of GymFit programmes why do you need the hassle of thinking about what you’re going to train and writing it down and logging it and blah blah blah. With any membership we can give you the right tools to learn how to self improve and have it all monitored by our fantastic staff!
Honestly that isn’t the worst this right? Getting hot and bothered with a workout like this every now and then is the best way to feel accomplished and motivated for other sessions to come so just go for it! #TeamGymFit

The Full Body Stretch Guide To Fitness

Trying to get fit is bound to give you some tight muscles, stretching even once a week can solve that! But what’s more you can improve your fitness results too.

Stretching is our way of releasing unwanted tension from muscles we have gathered over time through stress. This can be physical stress such as training or as simple as staying in a fixed position for a long time. Anyway when we stretch muscles we do so with caution, reaching to a point you feel the strain but not to the length of pain. As we hold this position it will soon feel more comfortable and over time relaxing as the tightness disappears. For some muscles extra equipment is required but well cover that soon enough in another video.

Weekly Workout - The Leg Power Workout

Strength and Power are two different things, though they have similarities they have a distinct change between them. Strength is the amount of force you’re able to put through something at a given time while power is more interesting.

While power does require strength to do, the difference is it’s the ability of producing force as fast as possible. So think about your squats for a moment. The technique is quite smooth however you are very slow and exerting a lot of effort to move the weight from the bottom of the movement to the top. So from an increase of power you would lift at a faster rate while maintaining less effort and exertion.

Sounds weird right? The trick of it all is finding a rhythm to a set and pushing the movement at pace allows a small amount of energy to be reserved in comparison to very slow repetitions. That doesn’t allow you to burst out so fast you’re jolting yourself but a bit faster and therefore smoother than if you we’re struggling with a weight at a slower pace.

Weekly Workout - The Back Attack One

Targeting is a loose term, yes we’re ‘attacking’ the back on this weeks workout but welcome to the beauty of muscle groups and compound exercises! Bent over row? You’ve got yourself a all you can lift buffet of Lats, Traps, Deltoids and Biceps to sink your gains into.

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Diet Coke Myths! Is it SO bad for me??

It’s amazing really. Over time we’ve created tons of artificial substitutes for things we don’t always need, but that’s not the issue. The substitutes we’re provided aren’t better in all ways, some can even be harmful.

Take aspartame for example, the side effects that can occur are as long as my arm but they aren’t extreme and most of them can only occur due to an enormous amount of it. Right there is where we hit the sweet spot simply because a lot of the time we don’t even know what contains it which makes it even more difficult not to ingest too much.

Not all artificial products are severe or dangerous to have however try looking at everything you drink in one day alone to see how much of it has got them in, you’d be surprised.