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First video of the year and it's a great one!

Eating well and starting your 2019 with a bang is only the start of an exciting year ahead 💪🏻
Watch how the food and drink addiction takes over, as we talk about counting calories and getting those weight loss results! But stick around, there's plenty more content to be seen every week on our website, Facebook page and Instagram!

The Keep Pushing One - Weekly Workout

Every week we workout. Weekly. Because it’s the weekly workout. Hey I just got that! This week we’re going full throttle, working our way towards Christmas. So with the countdown in mind lets get a workout done one by one before the Christmas season takes over. T-minus get those reps in.

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VLOG 6 - Back Together Again

After 2 LONG YEARS AWAY, James & Tommy are BACK TOGETHER for another episode of;
“Yeah I reckon we can give that a good go like”
Feast your eyes, ears, and nose 🤦🏻‍♂ on this as we tackle a variety of COUPLE WORKOUTS suggested by you over the last year or so!
Instagram fitness couple models eat your hearts out, Jimmy Vegan & THF are here to show you how it’s done (maybe)…

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Yet again we have a weekly workout here to help you get an idea on what to train and how to train it. Whether you’re looking for a whole workout idea or just want some insight on a couple exercises you haven’t seen before we’re here to lend as much a helping hand as we can.


So on wit the video, the persistent pecs workout is a quick trick to workout your chest with as little hassle as possible. All it contain is three straight forward exercises which are; flat bench press, dumbell flyes and close grip press. Now that doesn’t appear much of a workout at all but with the right weight and the correct repetitions you’re targeting your chest (aka your pectorals) directly and trust me you’ll feel it in the morning.

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VLOG 5 - The Prowler, Self Powered Soreness!

Some of the machines you’ll find in a gym are completely alien to the basics most will know. Bench press is nice and simple but when a rotational grip appears it’s like being introduced to fire for the first time! So this week we’re cracking down on the infamous HIIT MILL which goes by many names.

Don’t let it’s sleek design fool you, this piece of kit can be the part of your workout you’ve been missing, if that part was to be so sore you’ll have nightmares of it after you’ve used it. We’re exaggerating of course it’s just a tough item you’ll want in your arsenal, trust me. Check us out every week on Facebook, YouTube or Instagram for the latest content and articles giving you some better insight into the gym life. #TeamGymFit

The Shock To The System One - Weekly Workout

Give yourself an idea of what you want to train or use a weekly workout to learn a few new exercises it’s up to you!

So here it goes:

50 squats

60secs assault bike

40 squats

60secs rowing

30 squats

60secs ski-erg

20 squats

60secs prowler

And finally

10 squats.

That sounds like it’ll keep you busy for the day right?


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VLOG 4 - Boxing, Beating The Basics

Another week another adventure! This time however we’ve got ourselves a helping hand Gym Fit’s most enthusiastic coffee lover Jamie. Having had some experience in boxing, Jamie has kindly come along to help us out on the basics of sparring.


Though it may sound straight forward you’ll find that boxing isn’t as simple as punching a bag or pads. In fact with this weeks installment of Gym vlog Jamie puts James White through a quick yet intense set of drills intended to strike pads with precision and coordination. But. The more important question is why are you sitting here reading all about it when you could be watching it! Be sure to check in every week for more content covering the world of fitness in it’s many different forms. #TeamGymFit


VLOG 3 - Sandra!!!

No Sandra isn’t a cruel PT we keep hidden away for special occasions. She’s GymFit’s be more awesome component of the new Fit For Christmas workout plan. Sandra, who is a lovely member of the gym has kindly allowed us to use her name for this workout since hey, cross fitters do it! So what does the Sandra workout entail?

400 Meters Run (Treadmill)

20 Burpees – No press up, regular jump

20 Thrusters (With Dumbells) – Squat and press the dumbells at the top

20 Ins & Outs – Press up position, knees towards the chest

Now once you’ve completed this round, go back to the treadmill and run 400 meters again. This time however you will be doing 15 reps per exercise then run again and 10 reps and finally a quick finish running and 5 reps.From the start you time the workout and see how fast you can complete it! I don’t know about you but Sandra is one tough cookie, so if you want more motivation, ideas or just workouts to try out like this visit the media section on our website or go to any of our social media pages to get the best out of your local gym! #TeamGymFit

The Many 7's One - Weekly Workout

This week is a good one! Our instructor has lost the plot is bringing you a workout that includes 7 rounds of everything 7 reps. So go through every exercise one by one with no rest. Yes you heard that right, then give yourself 60 seconds rest and go for round 2,3,4! Give it a go and do it at your own pace, you could even time it. So next time when you’re so looking forward too it… you can try and beat your time.


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VLOG 2 - Deadlift Adventures

This week we’re looking into them lifts bro! Do you even lift? No but seriously we’re going to pick up some weights and put them down again repeatedly. Deadlifts are a feat of strength that mean a whole lot of technique and control but once you’ve covered the basics it’s really about yelling the reps out, celebrating your lifts and striving for good form on comfortable weight. So here’s Whitey once again, showing you the successions and struggles that come with one rep max weight lifting. Enjoy

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