At Gymfit we are proud to offer 6 rooms of great equipment to meet the needs of any fitness enthusiast, below is a summery of our rooms.

  • Over 30 pieces of Cardiovascular Equipment
  • Large Freeweight area with over 30 Machines including an Excellent Lifting Platform.
  • Air Conditioned Facilities and Studios.
  • State of the Art Star Trac Resistance Equipment
  • 3 Full sets of Dumbbells from 2.5kg to 70kg
  • Functional fitness equipment including Kettlebells, TRX Suspension straps, Plyometric Boxes and Powerbags.
  • Fully Stocked Supplement counter.
  • Free parking

Huge Range of products from leading bands such as NRG and CNP, providing the highest quality in supplements. From Pre Workouts, Intra-Training Drinks, Post Workout proteins and mass gains, we have it all.

Main Gym

Squat Room

The Underdome

Danger Zone


Whether you’re wanting to lose weight, gain muscle, improve your fitness or just change your lifestyle, GymFit has the class for you. With Disco Spin and H.I.I.T Circuits our instructors are ready and waiting to get you going.

H.I.I.T Circuits – Burn Fat, Improve Fitness and Strength with this terrific workout. By incorporating short intense blasts of exercise with short recoveries, you will keep burning fat long after you leave the gym.

Disco Spin – Using our fantastic Star Trac spin bikes, you can burn upto 500 calories in a single session. All you need is a great instructor, atmospheric lighting and large helping of hard work!

BOUNCE – A fantastic workout using trampolines, this aerobic workout to music will burn plenty of calories while reducing the impact and having fun!

Boxercise – The classic workout with old school boxing techniques mixed with circuit training to give you an amazing whole body workout!

TRX – Total Body suspension training where you use your own weight to control the resistance! This is fantastic for strengthening and core training, perfect when training for sport

Karrie’s Pole Fit – Firstly, try not to worry, we all started out as beginners! But please follow these few guidelines to make your class go smoothly, for you and other class users.