Tom! Well, where do I start! If I had to describe Tom in 3 words they would be.. DEDICATED, DEDICATED, DEDICATED! (Everything else needed more than 1 word, such as “Rock God”) Tom has proven over and over again that working hard, staying consistent and listening to your body is the way to achieve all the things you ever wanted with your health! He’s just finished his first Summer Shredding Programme where he inspired over 100 people to change their lifestyle and outlook on fitness. It was a HUGE success, they absolutely smashed it, with results flying in from everyone.. it really was inspiring stuff! I don’t need to say any more.. head over to Tom Henstock Fitness on Instagram or Facebook now and check out the awesome content our guy produces!

CALLUM! Our Callum is quite frankly a little bit of a freak… and I mean that in the best way possible, Freakishly strong, powerful and fit (I’m Jealous). If you’ve ever had any interactions with Cal you’ll know he has brilliant sense of humor and is someone that loves to debate pretty much any topic, you can never be bored when he’s around! He’s been personal training for 2 years now and his knowledge of his craft has come on so much in those years, his inquisitive nature meaning he’s done plenty of research! If you’re someone who wants to know why and how you should be exercising then you’ll get great results with Cal! If you see him, ask him for advice or even a little push.. you’ll soon see what he can bring to your training!

Georgia (Or just G as we call her) Is an absolute diamond! You couldn’t wish to meet a nicer girl and it still baffles me that she is only 19, she shows a maturity way beyond her years! Last year she suffered a freak knee injury tearing her ACL on a routine backflip (as routine as back flips are). She’s battled hard to make a fantastic recovery and has only enhanced her knowledge of what it takes to get back to fitness, mentally and physically. A fully qualified Personal Trainer and Sport Therapist, Georgia is just starting out on her journey with “Georgia, Health and Well-being” now taking clients for personal training and treatments aiming to help as many people as possible maximise their physical health! I couldn’t recommend her more!

So this is our Mary, Our resident Group Exercise Master! Mary has been with us since day 1 and had an unbelievable impact on the members here at GymFit! Her classes are honestly brilliant, with every single member challenged and every goal considered. Mary is also a busy Personal Trainer, delivering top sessions to her clients every week! Mary has made fantastic relationships with her clients over the years and I believe this is something that separates her from most.. she really understands what makes people click! On top of all that she’s a busy Mum! She knows what it’s like trying to balance her work, kids and all the things that come with it! So don’t be afraid to say hello! Get in touch with her here: And see what Mary can do to help you this year!

With over 10 years of experience personal training, we certainly know what it takes to get you in the best shape of your life! We also know how to get the most out of people, we’re all motivated in different ways and its important to find that thing that works for you!

We meet people every day who want to reduce body fat levels, increase muscle mass, and overall body composition but are stuck in a rut, unable to figure out what they need to do to get where they want to be. We’re extremely fortunate to be able to guide them through the process. It’s not always easy and we will push you further than you may be comfortable with but ultimately we will get you the results you want. We don’t believe in fads, or fasted interval intermittent yoga HIIT as the mainstream media and social media marketers seem to constantly want to push, but we believe in hard work and consistency, accountability and honesty.


We start every clients journey with a consultation, this is a free informal chat to get to know you. We need to know what makes you tick, what your goals are, what your lifestyle is like, how much stress you’re under, you get the idea. The list is endless but the point is, if we want to get the best out of you, we need to know you! Each workout can then be tailored to your individual needs, using the best training methods and nutritional protocols.


For prices or just a little more info please get in touch via email to and give us as much detail as possible. Lets get to work.