With over 10 years of experience personal training, we certainly know what it takes to get you in the best shape of your life! We also know how to get the most out of people, we’re all motivated in different ways and its important to find that thing that works for you!

We meet people every day who want to reduce body fat levels, increase muscle mass, and overall body composition but are stuck in a rut, unable to figure out what they need to do to get where they want to be. We’re extremely fortunate to be able to guide them through the process. It’s not always easy and we will push you further than you may be comfortable with but ultimately we will get you the results you want. We don’t believe in fads, or fasted interval intermittent yoga HIIT as the mainstream media and social media marketers seem to constantly want to push, but we believe in hard work and consistency, accountability and honesty.


We start every clients journey with a consultation, this is a free informal chat to get to know you. We need to know what makes you tick, what your goals are, what your lifestyle is like, how much stress you’re under, you get the idea. The list is endless but the point is, if we want to get the best out of you, we need to know you! Each workout can then be tailored to your individual needs, using the best training methods and nutritional protocols.


For prices or just a little more info please get in touch via email to gymfitripley@gmail.com and give us as much detail as possible. Lets get to work.