Do you have your sights set on a body that could make dropping jaws shatter from 150 yards? Then don’t slave away for hours, months and years on a hit-and-miss fitness regime. Set some smashing goals with the most experienced and intensely thorough personal trainers in town.

Tom Henstock

Hi, my name is Tom Henstock, and I am a Personal Trainer at Gym Fit.

Having moved away to Manchester to study maths at university, I soon realized that was not where my passion lay, and that working alongside others in achieving their health and fitness goals was what I was going to do with my life.

With money-making fads, quick fixes and unsound advice now being the norm of the health and fitness industry, I have taken it upon myself to provide a service based upon hard work, dedication and consistency to provide long-term results.

I believe that being fit and healthy is a lifestyle maintained through a balanced diet alongside progressive training, functional exercise and adequate rest/recovery time.

Whether you’re looking to reduce body fat, increase muscle mass, train for a specific event, get the edge in your sport, improve general fitness or just feel and look better, I can definitely work alongside you to help achieve your goals.


Hi, I’m Cherese and I’m a personal trainer here at Gym Fit.

My love of sport and fitness started at a young age when I started playing
netball aged 8, from then its been a constant *something in my life.
At aged 11 I started playing for Derbyshire and held my position for 4
years before I went into the regional team for the east midlands. I
trialled for Loughborough Lightening aged 14 where I still play today
in the highest tier of British Netball. I’m also hugely proud to have
represented Great British Colleges for 3 years playing against the
other home nations.

It was always clear to me that I wanted to pursue a career in fitness
and sport and pass on my passion to others. So in 2017 I became a
qualified level 3 personal trainer. Alongside that I am now a qualified
Spin Instructor, Kettlebell Instructor and a Running Fitness Leader.
It’s my goal to help and inspire people to get more from themselves,
I have a keen interest in weight loss and nutrition and believe that
through progressive circuit based exercise and a balanced nutritious
diet anyone can improve their body composition.

I am genuinely SO motivated to get people the results they want, it
makes me incredibly happy to see people progress and improve.
Wether you’re male, Female, a beginner or experienced exerciser If
you are prepared to put in the work I can promise you I am the right
personal trainer to give you the knowledge and fitness you need to
get results and reach your goals.