No Sandra isn’t a cruel PT we keep hidden away for special occasions. She’s GymFit’s be more awesome component of the new Fit For Christmas workout plan. Sandra, who is a lovely member of the gym has kindly allowed us to use her name for this workout since hey, cross fitters do it! So what does the Sandra workout entail?

400 Meters Run (Treadmill)

20 Burpees – No press up, regular jump

20 Thrusters (With Dumbells) – Squat and press the dumbells at the top

20 Ins & Outs – Press up position, knees towards the chest

Now once you’ve completed this round, go back to the treadmill and run 400 meters again. This time however you will be doing 15 reps per exercise then run again and 10 reps and finally a quick finish running and 5 reps.From the start you time the workout and see how fast you can complete it! I don’t know about you but Sandra is one tough cookie, so if you want more motivation, ideas or just workouts to try out like this visit the media section on our website or go to any of our social media pages to get the best out of your local gym! #TeamGymFit