Located in the centre of Ripley, GymFit offers a fantastic facility for absolutely any fitness goal in the heart of the community. With the largest range of fitness equipment in the area and excellent fully qualified staff we’re sure we can help you achieve your goals!

Cardio Fitness

Hey, i'm biased, but our newly renovated cardio and function fitness floor is outstanding! A huge open plan space with fantastic top quality equipment. If you're looking to improve your fitness, look no further!

Strength Training

We have an enormous range of strength equipment from the best brands in the industry. If you want options when your training, we've got you covered!

Functional Training

We believe there's more than just lifting weights and jogging on a treadmill, that's why we have invested heavily in fantastic functional training! Battle Ropes, Plyo Boxes, TRX, Ski Ergs, Sleds and HiitMill's are all ready for you right here!

Group Exercise

We're known for brilliant group exercise here at GymFit! You'll find a great variety of classes both high and low intensity! Any level of fitness can slip right in where our amazing instructors will give you all the support you need.


Whether you’re wanting to lose weight, gain muscle, improve your fitness or just change your lifestyle, GymFit has the class for you. With Disco Spin and H.I.I.T Circuits our instructors are ready and waiting to get you going.


GymFit offers New Member Orientations designed to get you back into exercising and acquaint you with our equipment. Schedule this appointment with a fitness instructor.

We’re a place of work and performance where you learn new skills, improve yourself, become stronger, faster, fitter, and leaner. We have a huge range of equipment available, as well as a great team of staff who will happily demonstrate any of the equipment.


At Gym Fit we have a range of memberships to suit any budget or lifestyle. From single sessions, off peak and peak memberships, with a variety of payment options were sure we have a membership for you.

Team Members

Check out the individual bios on our trainers below and sign up for sessions with the trainer of your choice today.

Mary Allsopp

While on my own weight loss journey I discovered a LOVE for exercise! This lead me to pursue a career in health and fitness, I qualified as a spin bike instructor and have never looked back. My main goal is now to help inspire others to achieve their goals as I did mine.

Callum Hyndman

I have a huge passion to help others grow, to get fitter, faster and stronger. I love all sports and weight lifting, my favorite exercise is squats and I Would like to achieve 200kg deadlift and 180kg squat by the end of the year. Let me help you reach your goals too.

James Turner

Hi, I’m James and I'm currently training to become a personal trainer at Gym fit. I am highly involved with fitness and enjoy learning all aspects of it regardless of how much it challenges me. However I am normal, and I love the cinema in my spare time plus eating nachos isn't hard work either. My aim as part of Gym fit is to get people involved in the world of fitness and see it as some fun not just exercise, most importantly I hope to meet plenty of people who want to give fitness a try.

Tom Henstock

Hi, my name is Tom Henstock, and I am a Personal Trainer at Gym Fit.

Having moved away to Manchester to study maths at university, I soon realised that was not where my passion lay, and that working alongside others in achieving their health and fitness goals was what I was going to do with my life.