Hey there everyone!


I thought this would probably be the best way to get my message to you all. I imagine I’ts going to be a little lengthy so a Facebook post just wouldn’t cut it!


You’ve hopefully noticed there have been some pretty huge changes to GymFit recently and I’m not sure we communicated all of that with the members as much as I would have liked. On my part it was really easy to get so engrossed in the moving of equipment and knocking down walls that I don’t think we actually told enough people it was coming. Myself, Diane and Gareth have had this vision of what we wanted to create in our heads for years, and as you can imagine had hundreds of conversations about the end goal for this awesome place. SO, lets tell you the whole story.


In this building there has been a gym for nearly 30 years (even with the leaky roof and uneven floors). It’s pretty amazing that something like this has lasted this long in our local community, we even have some dinosaurs (wink) that have been members since the very beginning! But unfortunately, over this time the gym had built a reputation as a place of grunting men who all take steroids and spit on each other (I made that last part up, but you get the point), There was a ladies only gym, yet only around 10 female members. It was all a mess, in those 30 years the building had been adapted and changed to meet the needs of the previous owners, this meant strange rooms that didn’t make sense to us, and a layout that wasn’t suited to the demands of people in this modern world of fitness. The roof was almost beyond repair and people only came here because it was cheap!


When we came along 4 years ago, we really wanted to change that, we believed that we could make somewhere that could accommodate a competitive bodybuilder or a retired grandma of 3 that wanted to lose weight. But to do that, it would take some serious work, time and money! And slowly, over time I think we’re nearly there. We started with the obvious small things like paint and flooring, started to put on classes and honestly got a bunch of staff involved that have been amazing. I just want to put it out there that without them this whole task would have been impossible, they’ve been supportive, reliable, honest and understanding from the very start, so thanks you guys.


The layout of the gym just wasn’t working for us and we felt that we needed to create 2 separate spaces for the different needs of our members. I get that gyms can be intimidating places, and the last thing I want anyone to feel is that they don’t belong somewhere. If you’ve ever met me, I’d like to think that this is something that comes across. So, we’ve moved studios, created huge open plan gym spaces to give people more room to train, provide more options when choosing exercises and given the place so much more light. We’ve invested in equipment and provided structure and support for members. We’re so so proud of what we have.


So, going further forward we have a few more changes coming your way, a new reception, sports massage therapy room, a dedicated spin studio and a host of new classes hitting the timetable very soon! All awesome things that we think will just make us that little bit better. Once the building has been finished don’t think we’re stopping there, you can expect upgrades to our equipment as we keep pushing to be the best gym we can possibly be!


There we have it. 4 years of GymFit and the finish line is in sight! Thanks for being members, you’re an amazing bunch and make it so easy for us to come to work with a smile on our faces every single day.


Let’s keep getting better together!


James and the team x

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